Situated in a natural setting of exceptional beauty, without sources of pollution and degradation of the environment, Valea Doftanei commune with its two villages (Tesila and Traisteni) is crossed by the upper course of the Doftana River at the foot of the Baiului Mountains (West) and Grohotis (Est).

The fast water course is guarded on the left by the Negrasul, Cioparceni, Varfu Mare, Secaria, Carabanu and Craitele massifs, and on the right side of Prislop, Rusul and Floreiul lakes. The small valleys created by tributaries such as Negrasul, Cucioaia, Mogosoaia, Ermeneasa, Ghimpoasa, Paltininoasa or Purcaru on the left, Musita, Orjogoaia, Prisopul, Floreiu, Bradeasa or Secaria, on the right, do nothing else, but just spreading the picturesque of these places.

From the heights with average altitude (1600m), the sea of ​​forests is mirrored for centuries in the impenetrable mirror of Doftana, a water of vital importance to the inhabitants of this miraculous land, which gives life to the meadows, gardens and to the orchards of this beautiful and perfect land.