60 km from Ploiesti is one of the most attractive resorts in Prahova. The scenery, as well as the few museums and landmarks in the area make this place a very special one. The reservoir is fed by Paltinoasa Lake, a lake that stretches over a distance of three kilometers.

A few kilometers from this lake are located the Doftane Keys, dug in harsh conglomerates, heavily grown by tectonic movements. Another tourist attraction is the Natural Reserve "Glodeasa", which is composed only of natural trees with a history of more than 200 years.

Valea Doftanei offers many possibilities for relaxation. Tourists can ride on mountain roads to Posada. Also near Valea Doftanei, tourists can visit in Campina, Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial House and Iulia Hasdeu Castle, castle raised after her death by his father, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu.

You can also visit the Ethnography and Folk Museum, which hosts a unique collection of objects made by craftsmen in the area. Tourists can admire here clay pots, embroidered wipes, ornaments embossed in wood, treated or worked in relief.

Sports and recreation

For the tourists that come here to relax, Craita Pension offers many opportunities for spending time. In addition to badminton and table tennis, tourists can opt for mountain bike touring along Valea Doftanei - Cornu - Campina road or they can also enjoy their time by playing football or just skiing.

Hiking lovers have the opportunity to cross the Predelus step, by walking on the marked trails, which are easy as a degree of difficulty:

- on the peak of the Baiului Mountains, through Floricului Valley and Gagu Mare Peak - 1660m, 4-5 hours;
- on the Patru peak, Orjogoaia, Cazacu Peak - 1723m, 6-8 hours.

Hunting and fishing

The forests that cover the mountains that run the Doftana River to the spill, hide an enviable honeysuckle.

The deer, the scarf, the bear, the rabbit, the wild cat, the trickle, the wolf or the wild boar, are just a few options for the hunters who want to prove their marksmanship in organized meetings, especially as many of the specimens shot here have won their hunters precious medals at international specialty exhibitions.

Paltinoasa Lake, as well as the river that gives the name of the commune, rich in trout and other fish species, combine all the necessary conditions for ideal fishing or amateur fishing parties.